About Kemet Institute

Our Mission

The mission of Kemet Institute is to provide innovative educational services that focus on financial literacy, and entrepreneurship at no cost to lower-income community members. Our programs will provide wealth-building tools to a demographic that historically have been under serviced and cannot afford financial service specialists or education. We seek to help families change their financial landscape for generations to come.

Participants of Kemet Institute will be offered a series of workshops throughout the year. Our financial literacy workshops are available to the general public and will be customized to serve children, teens, adults and senior citizens. The majority of our courses will be provided for free, and only a few will charge a small fee to cover the costs to facilitate the workshop. For classes with a fee, we may waive all or a portion of the fee for individuals who are unable to pay. Please contact us for more information.

Our Educational Philosophy

Kemet is the original name of Egypt and home to the first University in the world. Most people don’t know that the Greeks and Romans, who are still regarded as Fathers of Modern Thought, actually went to Africa to study. In Ancient Kemet, one degree was awarded: Philosophy. In Africa and subsequently in Europe, this subject included all other subjects such as theology, law, math and medicine, hence the Ph.D or Doctor of Philosophy. The Greek meaning of Philosophy is “Love of Wisdom.” The Kemet Institute seeks to model its educational model after this idea of thought by focusing on knowledge of self, financial literacy and real world application of modern day education.

Furthermore, we believe by increasing one's financial awareness, one can increase their financial opportunities. We seek to make children and their parents aware of how to use money, education and various life skills to build wealth. Once our students understands how to build wealth by absorbing our concepts, they are able to pull themselves and their families out of poverty and build for the future. Schooling becomes imperative, grades become motivation, college becomes inevitable to help them achieve their dreams and those dreams become reality.