Our Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

The Kemet curriculum is more advanced than any other program currently offered. We teach courses that are taught in Graduate Schools of Business, training programs on Wall Street and entrepreneur seminars across the country. The curriculum is well-received by students because it includes tangible information and concepts used in everyday life. The courses have been engineered by Wall Street professionals and entrepreneurs, but customized for individuals with no prior knowledge of finance, entrepreneurship or economics. What really makes The Kemet Institute unique is the background of the instructors, all having prior experience on Wall Street and owning their own businesses. Kemet's concepts are not abstract; we introduce students to the concepts of investment portfolios, creating business plans, and how to build multi-generational wealth.

Our Teachers
The Kemet Institute routinely introduces its students to successful role models who exemplify the concepts they teach. Our teachers are educators, successful businessmen, investment bankers and entrepreneurs. We also host guest instructors such as entertainment industry professionals, actors, pro athletes, lawyers, and doctors.

Kemet Students Creating Businesses!

These 8th grades were taught how to create business plans and businesses. This video shows them competing to create the most profitable business based on net income!

The workshops taught will include:

financial education

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Wealthy Building Principles, Passive Income & Habits of Millionaires
  • Home Economics (Bank Accounts, Credit Cards and Expenses)
  • Entrepreneurship and the Advantages of Owning Your Own Business
  • Creating a Business Plan and How to Raise Different Types of Funds
  • How Companies Work; How to Become the Next Apple, Google or Instagram
  • Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds 101 (Understanding the Basics)
  • Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds 102 (Mock Investment Portfolio/Simulation)
  • Creating Your Divine Investment Proposal; Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
  • (Giving Back to the Community)
  • The Advantages of an Investment Club and How to Start One

In addition, we provide workshops to train individuals on career development, basic job skills, interviewing, resume writing and job searching. We each participants effective communication and other etiquette skills that they will use to present themselves in a professional and respectful manner in the workplace, and in society as a whole. We conduct mock interviews with local business owners and employment professionals in order to give program participants the real life preparation and tools necessary to land successful careers or conduct meetings. Throughout the calendar year, we also visit other not-for-profit organizations and small groups and speak on various financial literacy and life skills topics.  Speaker honorariums are paid directly to the organization as a donation.